Duke’s Court – The Marq



Central London, St. James


Rolfe Judd

Main Contractor



JJ Sweeney
The Marq is an elegantly designed office building by Rolfe Judd and is part of The Crown Estates within St. James’ SW1. We were very privileged to be asked to assist on this project, one of the first buildings in the UK to be awarded a WELLness certificate, taking into consideration the use of natural light, ventilation, noise reduction, something we had to consider when providing the Ironmongery Schedule, door hardware and washroom fittings.
Rolfe Judd Architecture announced in December 2020 that ‘The Marq’ has won the CN Award for Health, Safety And Wellbeing Excellence Project.

The Marq


Rolfe Judd

WELLness Certification