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It was once the cradle of modern aviation, then the mighty engine powering 20th-century London. It is the star of the big and small screen – a globally recognised design icon and landmark that is becoming one of the capital’s liveliest neighbourhoods. This is Battersea Power Station.
By the time serious work began on redeveloping the Power Station, the original chimneys had deteriorated beyond repair. They had sustained a great deal of damage from many years of channelling corrosive exhaust gases and from water ingress. Their reinforcement had also suffered due to the concrete having been made using salty Thames water during their construction.
This complex project, that will open the building and riverside to the public for the first time, will see Battersea Power Station retain its unique historical features as it is given a new 21st century purpose.
As the cornerstone of the entire regeneration project, the Power Station will include approximately 100 new retail, food and beverage units, as well as a 2,000 capacity events venue and unique chimney lift experience. The Power Station will also provide c.500,000 sq ft of new office space which will be home to Apple’s new London Campus, and will include 253 new residential homes.
We worked alongside a number of sub-contractors over the whole project, many of them came to us knowing they could trust our dedicated team to manage the ironmongery scheduling and supply of goods for some the residential phases. As this is a high profile project we were all aware of the risks involved if we did not deliver.
Right products, on time, backed up by an impeccable service.

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